CHRISTINA KRÄMER finished an apprenticeship as tailor and graduated as fashion designer at the university of applied sciences in Bielefeld. After working ten years for several brands as fashion designer, as well as a head of design in Germany before, she moved 2005 to Switzerland.
In 2007 she founded her own Label CHRISTINA KRÄMER collection. This exclusive high fashion collection for women and men is a symbiosis between sustainable natural luxury and the traditional handcraft which is a part of the concept, next to using only natural and organic materials.


After being in Mongolia in 2015, CHRISTINA KRÄMER and her partners – Luca Moretti and Mario Andrea Cozzi, together founded the Modern Nomads GmbH and relaunched the brand with the first organic cashmere collection for women and men, which follows a sustainable approach that includes both, ecological and social aspects. In 2017 Andrus Kluge strengthened the partners team with a common aim to introduce CHRISTINA KRÄMER products to new markets in Europe.


(left to right) Luca Moretti, Christina Krämer, Mario Andrea Cozzi

Luxury without remorse:
organic cashmere jumpers created in Switzerland
made in Mongolia

Cashmere is well known for its softness and heat retention. CHRISTINA KRÄMER uses 100 per cent cashmere wool only, combed from the fine undercoat of Mongolian Hircus goats – without any admixture of cheaper merino or sheep’s wool. Cashmere naturally comes in different colours: from nearly snow white to grey, from ochre to dark brown or black. This is why CHRISTINA KRÄMER – apart from the black pieces in her collection – uses no dyes at all, but relies on the “goats’ natural colour”. Beautiful soft tones that can only be found in nature.


In all corners of our business, we strive to use the best suppliers that offer the most eco-friendly solutions. All material of our product, from the hangtags to the packaging, postcards, flyer and other material, are printed on FSC certified and recycled paper. Our woven label, care & size label and packaging backpacks are of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton. With your purchase of each CHRISTINA KRÄMER cashmere garment you not only support the environment, but also the livelihood of the Mongolian nomads and their herds.


2015 10 MNG Hangtag 70x70mm RZ Kopie

The symbol of the Modern Nomads has ancient origins. It comes from the free and wild world of the nomads who live in the endless steppes and deserts of Mongolia. It emphatically brings us back to the marking of horses and the spiritual symbolism of the shamans. It recalls the top of a Gher as a natural transition between old and new nomadism.



GOOD BRAND AWARD 2016 & 2017 – Sublime Magazine, London